Design & Development Consulting

What we do

We develop web and mobile applications to assist you in development, design and marketing. Our goal is to create flexible, innovative products that can easily be maintained by your team.

Our process

We begin by defining the scope of your project. We’ll go over any existing plans, and figure out where and how we can be most useful. We’ll discuss which languages and frameworks best suit your needs, and talk about how to get the ball rolling. We’ll also go over your preliminary budget.


Having a solution that’s both intuitive and visually stunning is critical for most projects. We visualize your brand identity. Logo creation, page design, and copy are all weaved into a collaborative process using wireframes, mockups and other tools.


We develop products using the agile method, which distills the build into a series of short development cycles. At the beginning of each cycle, we work with your team to define feature priorities. When the cycle is complete, we test all aspects of the product before moving forward.


As we near your product’s launch date, we develop a marketing strategy based on your business objectives and target audience. We then work with your team to use online advertising, video demonstrations and social media platforms to get your product in front of the right customers.

Meet the team
Williams Nkereuwen
Graphic designer
Kunle Fadiora
Adeniyi Adekoya
Product Developer
Tunde Olabenjo
Olugbenga Niyi-Leigh
Tech Intern